Monday, November 28, 2011

Psychology Today

In my last post I mentioned that I wouldn't be writing for the rest of November, and that was the plan.  Plans change.  Furthermore, I rarely promote things on this blog and when I do it is with good reason.
I recently received an e-mail from a very nice woman researching the psychological interactions of coming-out, family and religion (that is my description, I'm including her terminology below).  She asked me to participate in her study and/or to pass on her information to other possible candidates.  I agreed to participate and delayed deciding about promoting the study until after I experienced it first hand.  Having now taken part in the study, I wholeheartedly endorse participation.  

To quote Principal Investigator (the woman conducting the research), Ms. Chana Etengoff, she:
"is currently recruiting participants for a study focusing on gay individuals’ (ages 18-35) and their key religious family members’ thoughts regarding religion and sexual identity. Participants will be asked to answer questions that address this experience at both the family systems and individual level.
This semi-structured interview is comprised of 17 questions and it is estimated that the interview will be completed in a half of an hour to 45 minutes. In addition, three vignettes (stories) will be presented for response regarding socio-religious obstacles regarding being religious and having a gay family member. The estimated time of completion for this portion of the study is 30 minutes to one hour."

Two notes:  1) From my understanding, the research is primarily focusing on men.    2) Its not required for participation, but it is a plus if you have a family member who would also be willing to participate. 

If you are interested in participating, e-mail Ms. Etengoff at .  
Feel free to e-mail me about my experience in the study if you have any questions or hesitations about participating.

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